Vampire Dad’s ‘Monster #2’ Gives His Recount On Andy Dicks Behavior

Not cool, but still a fan.

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In October of 2017, I was fortunate enough to be cast for a small role in an indie comedy horror feature called Vampire Dad. One thing that appealed to me is that one of my comic heroes, Andy Dick was cast.

I got credit as “Monster #2” which was great, and I ended up getting paid! I wore the same shirt to the Vampire Mom shoot last week that I wore a year ago to Vampire Dad.

When I got to set I was like, “Where’s Andy Dick?” I am a huge fan of his old MTV show The Andy Dick Show. When I showed up on set, I was looking for him, but soon learned that he had been fired.

I didn’t see any of the behavior he was accused of myself, so everything I learned is hear-say and I can’t really say much of anything anyway because of my NDA, so I won’t.

I can say it wasn’t so funny that whatever he did, he hurt the production of these really cool people who were ambitiously producing this a legitimate feature in just 10 days. Wasting a day can be devastating to a project like this one, which is too small to take that kind of hit.

The word is that at the time of being hired, he was all sober, and that is why he was hired for the role as a misfit vampire. His account is that on that day he took too many Xanax.

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