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Cuttlefish inspired shirts that change color based on your feelings

Mood Flannel

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  • Cuttlefish inspired
  • Designed for introverts and shy people
  • Has multiple modes including “I can’t hide my feelings” and “manual override”
  • Requires wearing a bluetooth peripheral (to read mood)
  • Uses AI cloud computing to determine your mood from biometrics
  • Helps advertisers target you based on how your feeling

How can introverts and shy people more effectively communicate in a world full of other people? One entrepreneur, that lives in a cabin on the side of a mountain in an undisclosed location in California, is changing the world for the better with his color changing Mood Flanel.

“I got tired of trying to use words, so colors seemed easier.” Steve H. tells us from a cafe on Cupertino st.

“It shouldn’t be all my responsibility to communicate how I feel, so I thought the viewer could use some extra help.”

Steve is enthusiastic with the widespread adoption of his flannel shirt in the Silicon Valley area, with users citing being relieved with not having to express themselves.

“It’s great” Anna, a Barista at the cafe we’re at tells us, “Whenever someone is taking too long to order, people shirt’s behind them get yellow at first, then orange, red, and then black. This one time, I saw a little girl get ignored by her mom and her shirt immediately went to dark grey, and then black!”

Inspired by the mating habits and communication methods of cuttlefish from documentaries Steve saw as a child, he’s showing all his colors now while threading the needle of success.

“I was so upset last year when everyone kept asking me if I was alright, and telling me I looked tired. I was sad, and very tired, I thought it was obvious! So over a five day drug bender on the Great Barrier Reef I created a new type of photo-reactive fabric based on a high idea I had after eating a vegetarian bowl at Chipotle during an evening of July 4th.” Steve confesses.

It was during this drug bender that he created a method of recording the wearer’s biometrics through a bluetooth peripheral ring, bracelet, or septum piercing. That info is uploaded to an AI in the cloud where it cloud computes your feelings and then tells your shirt to change color accordingly.

“We’re being courted by a handful of advertising companies right now. Can you imagine how much money I’m going to make from being bought out? My life is made. I don’t care if your phone gives you gallon ice cream or firearm coupons because you’ve had a bad day.” Steve exclaims as his shirt shifts to a slightly yellow green.

We had the opportunity to follow Steve into his company’s new office building after our coffee, and interview a couple employees.

“The best thing since avocado toast” Karen shares with us.
“All I have to do is close my eyes, try to feel something, and squeeze really hard. Usually my shirt will change color. It’s great for taking selfies! It’s a bit risky at times though, depending on my diet.”

Jennifer, who greets us at the front desk, has her Mood Flannel shirt blazing red, then slowly fading to black as she interacts with Steve. Oddly, his shirt is white and shifting to pink occasionally.

“I can finally outwardly express what I’m feeling without getting fired” Jennifer shares with us. “Steve is… great. He makes us feel compelled to share remarks on working here” she states as her shirt pulses from black to grey quickly.

Passing others in the hallways, making our way to Steve’s corner office, it’s fascinating to see all the colors of the rainbow slowly fade to grey and suddenly shift to black as Steve approaches.

“I can feel warm, and secure in communicating that I’m dead on the inside no matter what.” George, from accounting tells us before entering Steve’s office. “We can’t legally state what the colors mean, but it’s interesting to see the wide swath of tints and hues outputted by our software!”

As I sit down in front of Steve’s desk, my shirt flashes bright blue as I realize everything in his office is covered with mood-sensitive color shifting materials. Everything starts to shift red, then purple as Steve stares at me.

“I’m nearing the end of phase one of my plan to make the word a better place.” he deadpans at me. “I really don’t care if black means death, as long as it’s killing our sales every quarter like it has been the past year.”

The room is thrown into darkness as everything fades to black, aside from the glow of Steve’s computer monitor showing a picture of Mars on its background.

“I hope you have a good rest of your week, and you positively report about Mood Flannel, else you may find your online life a bit more complicated.” Steve softly tells me.

“Is that a threat?” I ask.

“Yes! Oh thank goodness that got across! Isn’t this Mood Fabric amazing?!” Steve exclaims as the room shifts to a peaceful green.

I leave Mood Flannel’s HQ wearing dark grey, feeling confused and lacking motivation. What an amazing invention that’s surely to change the world for the better.

This is SomeTimesNews’s Reporter 000. Thanks for reading.

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