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Google Meow

The New ‘Google Meow’ Translates Cat Meowing To Human Language In Real Time

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The key to a good relationship is great communication, but how can we properly communicate with our furry friends?

This is a question that Google Meow sought to answer. And now your cat can answer that question too, in a language we all understand: English…or Spanish if you’re using the Beta version.

Previously, many books have been written and philosophers pondered about the thoughts of a cat. Just think about all the time contemporary thinkers spent thinking about what cats are thinking about. Thanks to Google Meow, answers are just a button press away.

Researchers working with advanced lasers have created a technique called “temporal focusing” where a laser pulses to the cat brain during times of interaction and converts cat meows into human words.

The device is deeply accurate. In some studies, the cat reciprocates human words and responds in an appropriate manner, similar to people sometimes.

See how Google Meow can be used during high stakes negotiations

It says exactly what other people would say to you, but it’s a cat, so you listen.

Google Meow is still in testing, but recorded interactions are leading researchers believe Google Meow could be helpful in many areas outside the home
Some examples include:

Interacting with the vet

Interacting with a stray cat

Or can assist in deciding which cat to adopt

Google Meow may also be used to get cats to testify in court, so watch what you say around your feline, don’t expect them to be fe-lying for anybody! Expected release date for Google Meow is Oct 26 2028.

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